Our Signature 3D Eyebrows

Virtually painless. Only takes two hours. Wake up with beautiful brows every day. Free consultation.

Make us your destination for Beautiful and virtually painless Permanent Makeup! Blooming Beauty is a full-service salon, performing enhancements to your EyebrowsEyelinerLips, and Areolas.


The majority of our clients are interested in Eyebrows! Highlighted below is our Eyebrow technique. Beautiful, 3D, Realistic, Hairstroke Eyebrows that are customized to fit YOUR face and match YOUR color, and YOUR style!


Are your brows the wrong shape? Over-plucked or hair missing? Wrong color? How is your eyesight? How steady is your hand? How good is your technique? Why worry about it? Pencils and powder cost a lot of money.  Let us give you a Permanent Makeup solution. Wake up looking great and save valuable time and money from your daily makeup routine!


It all starts with the consultation and ends with your beautiful new Eyebrows!


Step 1: Consultation


We hear it a lot. “I thought Permanent Eyebrows involved drawing thick lines that look like the McDonald’s arches on your forehead.” Years ago, that was the case. New, advanced Permanent Makeup techniques will give you realistic looking, long lasting eyebrows that are easy to maintain. Each hair is individually drawn with very small needles and cosmetic pigment. Every Eyebrow is shaded and shaped to look like a natural eyebrow.


During the consultation, we talk about what you like. What color you like. What shape you like. We look at what your brows look like with and without makeup. When you are comfortable we move to the next step.


Step 2: Drawing Your Customized Brows

Here we begin to measure and draw your brows. We look at many factors including shape, symmetry, arch angle, tail length, color choice, and existing hair. This process involves your continuous input. We want your opinion and feedback, and we will not proceed to the next step until you are satisfied.


Step 3: Topical Anesthesia applied to Numb your Brows


So, this is the big question. Does it hurt? Our best answer is that most of the time, No.  However, we cannot say that every person will be pain free, or that you won’t be the one that feels a tingle or some pressure. We can say that we stay ahead of the pain by vigilantly applying topical anesthetics before and during the procedure, and that most of our clients report no pain. Our numbing creams and solutions decrease or eliminate pain during the procedure, and we use very small needles.

After we let the numbing cream work for about 15-20 minutes, we proceed to the next step.


Step 4: Procedure Begins


Depending on your skin type and the results you desire, we will use either a Microblade, a Digital Permanent Makeup Machine, or both. In any case, we will begin to implant every hair with cosmetic pigment, and design realistic looking, 3D Brows! Microblading involves an ancient technique of implanting ink with a small, manual hand tool. Our digital machine is a Nouveau Contour Intelligent. This is the best machine that you can buy for permanent makeup. Made in Germany and time tested for 25 years.


Step 5: Your New Eyebrows!


The process usually completes within two hours, and we reveal your new, beautiful Eyebrows! Eyebrows frame your face, and many people have gotten used to a “good enough” look. Once we reveal your new eyebrows, it can be very emotional and very exciting. This is our favorite part of the process, as it brings us an intense sense of satisfaction.


Step 6: Wake up with Beautiful Eyebrows every Morning!

Most clients save valuable time and money by eliminating their daily pencil and powder routine in the morning. With Permanent

Eyebrows, just wake up and go!