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Your lovely beauty spot

Established in 2017.

Known for its signature mani-pedi, integrates the healing remedies of essential oils with soothing aromatherapy. Plus, the stylish spa offers complimentary tea and has an extensive collection of colors from OPI, and Essie—all 5-free we might add.

Hi Ladies,

What do you girls look out for when visiting a Nail Salon? I’ve to say I’m very glad to have found Lilian's Nails Bar which is just a stones throw away from my new home.

Here’s what I think we all should look out for when looking for a nail salon:


Apart from basic things like location etc.

  1. The nail art on display: This tells a lot about whether the manicurist is up to date with the trends – how defined and refined the nail art is too. I look at the fine details – call it an occupational hazard but as a face painter i do a lot of painting of fine lines and details hence i do expect the same ability from my manicurist lol.

  2. Next I look at the overall hygiene of the nail salon – whether tools look well sanitized, whether the nail polish bottles are clean and the working area and trolleys too. I mean – no reason not to love clean things.

  3. Ever notice yourself judging your manicurist by her own nails too? I do have a tendency to look and expect my nail artist to have nice nails on herself. But perhaps that is pretty harsh since they do a lot of work with their hands so i can understand if some nail artists rather keep plain nails.

  4. Music! It has to be something relaxing and not placed on repeat lol

  5. If the salon serves you tea/ or water thats great. Since most of the time you’ll be sitting there for an hour or easily two.

  6. How long the nail art lasts – and things such as the jewels stay well adhered despite rough handling.


Bejeweled – really scored big time on all these points.

Actually one of the things that impressed me the most were that the gemstones stuck to my nails- were in tact after a good 3 weeks! I mean that is really something!!

Dear Ladies,
     How is your lovely day? Due to a quite few errors caused by the online booking, we decided to close the online booking. Please make the appointment by phone until we will fix the issue asap. 
    Thank you! 




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